Missional: Living Beyond High Definition

 In Christian Camps in Ontario


Christian Camp in Ontario - Livinging Beyond High DefinitionHow many of you are tired of hearing all the hype over digital TV and needing to have High Definition if you really want to experience the game. Why do we crave this so much?

Whether you own a direct view, DLP, LCD, or plasma TV in any size screen from 1″ to 96″, you’re still a Spectator. Let me explain.

High-definition (HD) video generally refers to any video system of higher resolution than standard-definition (SD) video, most commonly at display resolutions of 1280×720 (720p) or 1920×1080 (1080i or 1080p).

High-definition television (HDTV) is a digital television broadcasting system with higher resolution than traditional television systems (standard-definition TV or SDTV). HDTV is digitally broadcast; the earliest implementations used analog broadcasting, but today digital television (DTV) signals are used, requiring less bandwidth due to digital video compression.

It is all about the Resolution and nothing about the Relationship (actual experience). Richard Louv in his book, “Last Child in The Woods”, quotes Nancy Dess, senior scientist with the American Psychological Association: “None of the new communication technologies involve human touch; they all tend to place us one step removed from direct experience. Frank Wilson, states in a study from Standford University that “For a whole generation of kids, direct experiences in the backyard, in the tool shed, in the fields and woods, has been replaced by indirect learning, through machines. These young people are smart, they grew up with computers, they are supposed to be superior – but now we know that something is missing.”

At Camp, Spectators take the field!

We train our spectators to enter into the stories of the surrounding culture through listening. They build relationships with guests who don’t believe, and they connect with the literature, music, theater, arts, and issues that express the existing culture’s hopes, dreams and fears. This builds a bridge by which they can show how the gospel can enter and transform those stories. Camp is Missional – Living Beyond High Definition!

If you’re tired of sitting on the sidelines and want to get in the game at camp this summer, contact Adrian Stelpstra at 888-226-7722 x122.

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