The Positive Impact of Summer Camp at Countryside Camp!

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A testimonial from a camper sponsored through Stand in the Gap this year.

“I had the most spectacular time at Camp! I learned so much about God and my faith in Him! The theme this year was “Ignite your faith, your heart, you passion, ! It was really neat learning about Igniting my Faith. Our Chaplain this week was Pastor Art and I wish he would have made his messages longer because they were really interesting and inspiring. He challenged us to read the gospel of Mark each week for 10 weeks. I am going to try it. I started it at camp, but only got to about chapter 5, since I was so busy all the time! But I would like to thank you and The Church for giving me such an amazing opportunity. You have no idea how thankful I was and still am for the opportunity.”

A testimonial from last season!

“My daughter is at camp right now (and I’m sure loving it).  On Sunday evening Pastor Dwayne spoke about how Camp Shalom has such an impact on youth and it’s an impact that lasts…it is so true.  My husband and I were talking about it on the way home.  You are such a blessing to these kids in ways you don’t see through the rest of the year – but we do!  As I was cleaning Kristen’s room this week (I found lots of garbage!!!)  I also found lots of notes laying around and in books and everywhere (she’s not the most organized…small detail).  There were bible verses everywhere…with comments about how God is speaking to her and what this passage meant – and you wouldn’t believe the stuff that was written down.  I know that part of that comes from home, church and school but I also strongly know that a big part of that comes from Camp Shalom.  I just want you to know that the staff has such an awesome responsibility and that parents are praying for each of them.  May you go in God’s strength and with His wisdom through the rest of the summer (and beyond) and to Him be the glory!
Thanks so much.” –C.O.

The impact is life changing and foundational for young people becoming adults.

“I was a Camper back when Calvin VerMulm was the director. Regular camp one summer followed by three years of wilderness camp and one amazing summer as a D.I.D.

I have many happy memories there as a kid but one moment sticks out for me and it really changed my life. Wilderness Camp with Lori and Duane as the leaders. It was our first night at the camp site by the river. I needed some alone time and had left the main camp area to sit by the river. It was dark outside, everyone was getting ready for bed. I started talking to myself and after a bit that turned into talking to God. I asked Him many questions and asked that He guide me on the right path. Then I asked for a sign that He was listening, that He heard me. A fish jumped out of the water and made a splash.

I’m 30 years old now and I still remember that moment. I had never really talked to God before but it was what started me on my path.” –D. D.


The purpose of Countryside Camp and Conference Centre is to provide Christ centred programs to people of diverse cultures, enabling them to grow in the personal relationship with Jesus Christ and better serve Him!

God’s ministry at Countryside Camp would not be possible without the prayers of parents, grandparents, friends, family, staff and members of our board. This ministry, the largest RCA evangelical outreach in Ontario strives to be the region’s first choice for Christian Summer Camp experiences and the year-round destination for hosting Christian Youth Retreats. This year we were also blessed with an awesome responsibility of serving as the largest residential summer camp facility for individuals with Special Needs in Southern Ontario. God continues to shine here at camp through the lives of our campers, staff and volunteers as we Ignite our faith, heart and passion to serve Him!

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