Camp Connections

Memories, Impact, Connect

This week I would like to take you on a bit of a “Camp Shalom” ministry journey. So grab yourself a coffee or tea, if you are like my wife, and enjoy these daily videos featuring some of the great friends I have made over my 21 years serving as Managing Director.

Each of these men and women were impacted through the training taught and practical experience gain by application here at “Camp Shalom”.  They each serve and have served in areas where their unique gifts, talents and skills were nurtured and tested. Some developed our programs, others met the love of their life, and still others became Champions.

One thing I know and love about each of these individuals and couples is that they became servant leaders for the Lord Jesus Christ here at “Camp Shalom”.

They all can proudly say, “We are Camp Shalom”!

Check back every day for a new video!

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