Thank you for your interest in applying for the Weekend Catering Team at Countryside Camp.

Countryside Camp offers in-house catering for our weekend rental groups. The Weekend Catering Staff works as a team to provide our guest groups with the best in food quality and quantity. The team is led by Jody, our Food Service Director, and consists of usually 2 or 3 other staff to assist in preparing and serving the food to our guests. Applicants must be at least 16 years old.

If you are interested in applying please fill out the application form, then Jody will contact you by email to set up and interview.

If you have any questions see the Frequently Asked Questions below or email Jody.

When is the deadline to apply?

We are always accepting applications.

Do I have to live at the camp during the weekend?

Yes and No. Accommodations may be possible for the weekend if you live far away but you may also drive back and forth for home each day.

What if I live far away?

Accommodations may be possible for the weekend if you live far away.

How often would I work?

The schedule is made by Jody and depends on how many rental groups have booked catering. We usually have a couple weekends per month booked.

What is the salary?

We pay minimum hourly wage. Each weekend will consist of quite a few hours.

The online form isn’t working. What do I do?

Try a different internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Some very old browsers may not work, try updating your browser or using a different one.