Countryside Camp Scholarship

Countryside Camp is excited to offer a new post-secondary education scholarship

This $500 scholarship will be awarded to a Camp Shalom summer staff member from the current year.

We realize that post-secondary education is expensive and it can be hard to make ends meet when working for a Christian Ministry during the summer. Camp Shalom is committed to hiring and retaining great staff. By offering this scholarship we can help eliminate the financial barriers for students to work at Camp during the summer.

The successful applicant will be announced at the Fun Fair.

Application deadline is Aug 31st.

Steps to apply:

1) Create a Video
In your video you will want to answer at least the following questions:

  • An introduction of yourself.
  • Tell us about the impact that being on staff at Camp Shalom has made on your life.
  • Tell us a meaningful story that you experienced while on staff at Camp.
  • Tell us why you have chosen your post-secondary education.
  • What do you think God is calling you to in the future.
  • What specific skills have you learned at Camp that will help you in the future.

2) Upload your video to either youtube/facebook/vimeo/etc or upload it to the application form.

3) Complete the written application including essay questions and two references.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the deadline to apply?

August 31st

Am I eligible to apply?

To apply you must have been on summer staff during the current year.

When will the successful applicant be notified?

The successful applicant will be notified at or just before the Fun Fair. The Fun Fair is always the third Saturday in September.

Who decides who the successful applicant will be?

There is a committee on the Board of Directors who decides.

Is my post-secondary education eligible?

Post-secondary program eligibility will be reviewed annually by the Board of Directors. Current seasonal staff members are encouraged to apply.

How do I upload my video?

You can upload your video to whatever website you like as long as you can copy and paste the URL into the application form. You can also upload a file directly to the application form.