Seasonal Cabins

Seasonal Cabins at Countryside Camp Guelph Cambridge Waterloo

These traditional and rustic cabins are rented in conjunction with Centre Hall, and are a popular booking for youth retreats. There are a total of nine cabins, which all surround the waterfront of our pond. The cabins are available during both the late spring and early fall season.

Each of our nine cabins are very similar to one another. They vary slightly in size, interior paint colour, and number of bunks. Each cabin is a single room that contains one single bed and multiple sets of bunk beds. The washrooms for these cabins are located in Centre Hall, therefore these cabins must be rented along with renting Centre Hall.

Accommodates: 93 people

Number of Beds:

Cabin One: 13
Cabin Two: 13
Cabin Three: 11
Cabin Four: 11
Cabin Five: 9
Cabin Six: 9
Cabin Seven: 9
Cabin Eight: 9
Cabin Nine: 9