1980s Camp Shalom Alumni

Youth in Training Program Initiated at Camp Shalom

Youth in Training (YITs), Youth Equipped for Service (YESs), Disciples in Development (DIDs), Servants in Training (SITs), Discipleship 101, and Discipleship 201; called by many titles over the decades the focus remained the same to develop youth into strong disciples of Jesus Christ and Christian leaders. The early pioneers of the program were: Rev. John P. Drost, Director of Camp Shalom; Mr. Evert Van Beek, Professor at Sheridan College; and Rev. Frank Guinta, Pastor of the Reformed Church in Montreal, Quebec.

Camp Shalom Staff search help needed.

Hey friends, I need your help. I found a seasonal staff list from 1980 but it was only the person’s first name and the activity they were to be leading. If you know the full names of any of these former staff members and where they are now please let me know. Here is the list: Henri -Nature; Marjorie -Singing; Linda -Athletics; Ken -Upward Bound; Albert -Fishing; Ann -Banner Making; Jeff -Scavenger Hunt; Doug -Orienteering; Maurice -Lashing/Knots; Boyd and Ron-Kites; Bonnie -Canoeing and Swimming; and Liz -Newspaper. Contact Tim Partridge at tjpcountryside@gmail.com or call me at 1-888-226-7722.


Camp Shalom fun facts and fond memories of the 1980’s

  • Here are the names of the first participants in the first Youth in Training Programs : “Yits” as they were called.
    Ingrid Kuper, Andrew Hartmans, Yun Park, Ruth de Waard, Marisa Besselink, Karen Jans, Elaine Keunen, Alice Frielink, and Mike DeJong.
  • Dennis and Kathleen Wells served for over six summers as Canoe Tripping Leaders at Camp Shalom leading the rugged and demanding James Bay Trip  for experienced canoeists and the Algonquin Trip for beginners.

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