Family Fun at Camp Shalom

 In Christian Camps in Ontario

If you can’t wait until New Year’s for your oliebollen, you won’t want to miss this year’s 46th Annual Fun Fair at Countryside Camp on September 16 from 10am to 3pm. Did you know that since 2012 nearly 19,000 oliebollen have been purchased by fair attendees craving this tasty delicacy? These oliebollen fans are very easy to spot—yes, the ones with icing sugar all over their face and hands and eyes like St. Nick’s at Christmas from the sugar buzz. Now don’t confuse these patrons with the more refined poffertjes guys—same face, but clean hands because they eat the poffertjes with a fork.

For me, the croquettes have been my go-to, must-have item at the fair for the last 24 years. Yes, I even remember Henk Hoogkamp giving me my very first croquette! Give me the spicy mustard and two croquettes, and I am a happy camper!

Remembering is the best thing about the Annual Fun Fair! From my vantage point on the gazebo—yes, I am the one speaking in the mic all day—I get to see and reconnect with staff from all the past summers, plus old and new friends. The picnic tables facing the garage sale are always full of friends that return each year to reminisce and reconnect. This is what the Annual Fun Fair is all about—celebrating God’s ministry at Countryside Camp, the summer home of “Camp Shalom”, while revitalizing our friendships, enjoying a great time with family, and eating some great food. What a blessing!

Join us in celebrating Homecoming 2023, September 16, from 10am to 3pm at Countryside Camp. Bring your entire family and enjoy the traditional Dutch and Canadian foods, as well as the rides, games, garage sale, auctions, and tearoom treats. Most of all, make this year’s fair a destination and an opportunity to reunite with friends you have not seen in years.

If you hear a guy speaking from the gazebo and calling out folks he hasn’t seen since last year, it will be me. I’m Tim! Come up and say hello!


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