DISC Leadership Training

The DISC summer camp program at Camp Shalom has been a life changing experience for hundreds of teenagers.

The DISC program has been changing lives and raising up future leaders for many years. Part of this program is a week-long mission trip to inner-city Toronto, co-counselling for our camp programs, and helping out in the community through local service opportunities. You will be sure to further your faith with in-depth Bible studies and great discussions.

The DISC program looks great on any resume especially if you are interested in being on staff at Camp Shalom one day. You will also receive a larger salary as a staff member at camp if you are a graduate of the DISC program. This program will also completely cover your required 40 hours of volunteer service to graduate high school.

Grade: 10-12
Cost:  $1250 + HST (-$50 early bird before April 15th and -$10 if you register online + Sibling Discounts)
July 7-Aug 16