Team Building Area

Team Building Area

Your team is put in jail after being framed for jaywalking. After months of solitary confinement your team has decided to plan a daring escape. At the expense of your manicures you have managed to dig a hole through the wall. At last you smell freedom but little do you anticipate the great teamwork, communication and problem solving skills that will be required to complete your escape…to be continued.

Consider adding to your retreat a time of team building facilitated by the skilled staff at Countryside Camp.

Our Team Building Area is a series of challenges set to an adventurous story that require a group to problem solve and communicate effectively to complete the challenges.

Groups of 5-15 (Ex. if you have 16 people that would be two groups of 8 or if you have 32 people that would be a group of 10 and two groups of 11)

Ages 12+


$100 per group size ranging from 5 to 15 individuals.
$200 per group size ranging from 16 to 30 individuals.
$300 per group size ranging from 31 to 45 individuals.

The course takes 45-90 minutes per group to complete. This depends on group size and ability.

The course requires some physical abilities such as lifting and walking across boards between platforms.

Open year around, rain, snow or shine.

Talk to Kim in the office if you would like to add a time of team building to your retreat.