Kid’s Camp FAQs

Am I guaranteed to have the cabin mate that I requested?

Great effort is made to honour requests for cabin mates of similar age. The request must be mutual and no more than two guests will be accepted together and there are no guarantees for placement. After April 15th, cabin mate placements are not a priority.

Is there a Nurse at the Camp?

Every summer Camp Shalom employs two Healthcare Coordinators who are required to have the qualifications of an upper year nursing student or similar. At least one is present on camp property at all times.

How do I register for Camp Shalom?

To register for Camp Shalom please go to our registration page.

You may register online or print off a registration form, fill it out and mail it to

1985 Beke Rd. RR#4
Cambridge ON N1R 5S5

or fax it to 519-623-4558.

Pay by Visa, MasterCard or cheque.

Save $10 if you register online

I am worried about sending my camper overnight, how can I be sure he or she will be safe?

Camp Shalom is committed to making your loved ones stay at camp as safe as possible. We have emergency procedures in place for situations like a severe injuries,  tornados, fires or emergency situations. There are also two Health Care Coordinators on staff, we have qualified NLS lifeguards at the pool and at the kayaking pond. We are one of the few summer camps who require staff to participate in a two week staff training time. We have a local Doctor who we can call if our healthcare staff have any questions and we can get same day appointments if necessary. In emergencies we are a 15 minute drive away from the hospital.

We believe that providing your loved one with the best summer camp experience possible rests heavily on us having the best summer staff possible. Each staff member is hired based on their spiritual testimony, demonstrated life experience, current qualifications, and a clear police check. Each year we take great pride in the quality of our summer camp staff. Campers are supervised at all times by a staff member, whether that is in the cabin during the night, having fun at the pool, during free time, and at all activities like canoes or the waterslide.

Still not sure? We would be happy to give you a private tour and answer any questions you may have.

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What exactly does the Camp teach?

Each year Camp Shalom has a different theme that it focuses its Bible studies and chaplains’ messages on. This theme is different every year but the overall and most important message is the same; that God created them, loves them and sent his son Jesus Christ to die for their sins. We are saved by grace through faith and we can have a personal relationship with God.

How do I cancel?

Call or email the office and talk to Kim at 1-888-226-7722 x1x1. The per-session 1/2 fee deposit is non-refundable for cancellations made after May 14th. For cancellation prior to May 15th, there is a $50 cancellation fee.

Does Camp Shalom offer any kind of financial assistance?

Countryside Camp has a Financial Aid program in place! To apply or check your eligibility, call the office at 1-888-226-7722 or email Tim.

Who will be in my Cabin?

Cabins are divided up primarily by age. There will always be at least one, sometimes two, counselors who will sleep in the cabin.

What should I pack for Camp?

Click here to see a printable list.

What are the drop off and pick up times for each summer camp program at Camp Shalom?

For Adventure Camp, Munchkins Reloaded, Quest and DISC summer camp programs, there is a short worship service on Sunday evening at 6:00pm until around 6:45pm where campers meet the week’s chaplain and the summer camp staff. Registration is in Centre Hall after the service.

Pickup time is on Friday between 5:00pm and 5:30pm.

New!!! Join us for a FREE BBQ during pickup. There will be a short presentation highlighting all the fun things that happened during the week as well as an opportunity to register for summer camp in 2021 at a discounted rate (payment plan will also be available). The BBQ will start on Friday at 5:30pm.

For the Munchkins program, the drop off time is either Sunday evening after the 6:00pm worship service or Wednesday evening between 6:00pm and 6:45pm. The pickup time is either Tuesday between 5:15pm and 6:00pm or on Friday between 5:15pm and 6:00pm.

How are the grades/ages determined?

All program ages are set by the grade you are entering in September after camp.

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