1970s Camp Shalom Alumni

A Story of Faith and Daring – Camp Shalom!

Camp Shalom was the desire of the Ontario Senior Youth Fellowship to have a conference centre and summer camp. A camp fund was started under the leadership of their president, Mrs. Maaike Wiltenburg, and with the assistance of the classical committee, consisting of Rev. J. Schriel, Mr. H. Huisman, and Mr. J. Heersink, an offer was made on the Simmons property in North Dumfries Township for $75,000. The date was July 2, 1969.

Camp Shalom Fun Songs

Fun songs at Camp Shalom, especially at Lunch, have proven to be one of our favourite traditions.
One of our favourites today in 2016 is this one found in the 1973 Counsellor Quips of Cabin #7 by Beth Harvey.
“Uncle Peter strong and able get your elbows off the table. And don’t put them on again.”  Today we sing it just about the same way and add the phrase “Round the tables you must go singing merrily.”  I still remind visitors I bring to tour the camp in the summer about this Fun song so they don’t get caught; as I have many times.


Camp Shalom fun facts and fond memories of the 1970’s

  • Cabin 3 had a star baseball player; his name was E.J. deWaard.
  • Here is a story shared from Cabin 1 thanks to Ed Van Gentselaar and Leo Templer. “Three little boys were talking about how much money their fathers were making. One boy said, ‘My father is a doctor and he makes $500 for one operation. The second boy said his father was a lawyer, he sits in court and gets $1,000. Oh, said the third boy, my father is a minister, he preaches an hour every Sunday and after the collection it takes four men to bring it all to the front.”
  • It was July 22 and Uncle Henk Hoogkamp was here on his anniversary. When asked when he was married, Henk replied, “It doesn’t matter. When you’re married, every year is a new one anyway!”

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