PCI Compliance Policy of CCCCA

  1. Camp will no longer accept credit card information via email. This information is at risk as long as it sits in the inbox. If our email was hacked your information could be stolen.
  2. We will accept credit card information by telephone, fax, mail or in person.
  3. As soon as payment has been processed your credit card information will be destroyed by a crosshatch paper shredder and not kept in your file. You will need to give the office the information each time you want to make a payment.
  4. Exceptions to these rules are payments on our on-line registration and the automatic monthly donations. However, if you need to update your information you will need to use the telephone, fax, mail or in person to renew your information. If using our on-line registration you can go into your account and make the changes yourself.

    Revised: December 12, 2019