Make a Donation

I have found that the ticket booth, and the wonderful volunteers assigned to sell in them, serve as a welcoming committee for camp. Maybe you know them or they know you and you have not seen each other all year but at the fair your relationship is rekindled with names and faces remembered, and you become part of the camp family, even if it just for

36,000 may seem like a whole lot of tickets, but imagine for a moment 36,000 campers, guests, and staff actively involved in the exciting ministry of “Camp Shalom”. That is the number of campers, guests, and staff that have been served or have served here since 1969. The impact made in spiritual development, leadership training, and service to others has always been our focus and goal. We continue to “Shape the Future” one life at a time for God’s glory.

This year, you don’t need to purchase tickets to enjoy any of the features on the Fun Fair site. So I would ask you to prayerfully consider making a donation to support the continuing ministry of Countryside Camp and Conference Centre to children, youth, adults with special needs and retreat groups that we host throughout the year.  Thank you and enjoy the fair.

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