SPEC Sports

Live and Breathe Sports!

New for 2018! Do you love sports? Soccer, hockey, volleyball, baseball, swimming, archery, kayaking. If you get excited reading that list then this is for you! Try new sports or continue to develop your skills.

Spec Sports runs with only a small group of campers so each camper gets specialized attention and instruction tailored to their ability level.

SPEC Sports runs alongside our kid’s camp program. Campers will join the kids for some of the activities. This program is designed to accommodate our higher functioning guests who are looking for more of a challenge than our larger Special Support program has to offer.

Age: 15 years and up
Cost: $940 (-$40 early bird before April 15th and -$10 if you register online)
July 8-13, Aug 5-10, Aug 12-17

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View Low Support vs. High Support criteria

Because of the more athletic nature of this program we prefer our Spec Sports campers to be fully mobile.

Criteria Low Needs (All Programs) High Needs (Not Offered)
1. The guest requires adult briefs No No
2. Requires support/direction while bathing Minimal Hand-over-Hand or 1:1
3. Requires support/direction while dressing Minimal Hand-over-Hand or 1:1
4. Requires support/direction at meal time Minimal Hand-over-Hand or 1:1
5. Exhibits behaviours requiring extra intervention* No No
6. The guest’s sleeping habits: 4+ hours/night, No wandering at night Less than 4 hours/night and/or prone to wandering

Please Note: Camp Shalom is unable to provide lifting. Campers must be able to toilet and dress themselves with very minimal assistance.

Spec Sports is intended to be a more challenging program than Special Support. Campers should be very mobile and independent for participate in Spec Sports.

Each camper will be in a cabin with around 5 other campers and 1 (sometimes 2) counsellors. This should give you an idea what level of attention each camper is able to receive.