Countryside Camp: seeing God’s colourful expression in all four seasons

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What is your favourite season of the year?

For some of you it will be the Spring with the budding of the trees, the fresh new flowers and that beautiful spring green shade on the lawn and in the forest. For some it will be the Summer; no school, hot weather; plenty of sun and fun; open the pool; head to the lake or the cottage. For the true Canadians it might be Winter in all its glory; SNOW skiing, SNOW sledding, SNOWmobiling, ICE skating, Hockey and bundling up and trekking out a cross country skiing course, burrrrrrr. For me, my favourite time of year is the Fall, I am an avid outdoorsman and I spent a lot of time in God’s creation and have always been amazed the ways in which God colours the fall.

As I have walked throughout the field and forest trails of Countryside Camp, the Banister Lake Watershed, and the Sudden Tract forest adjacent to our property; God’s artistry is dynamic. The oranges and reds of the maples combine with the rust and maroons of the oaks add the yellow of the poplars and willows as they reflect off the green blue colour of the pond and lake and it is breath taking. Look at the way God colours His creation in the fall; the tan-browns of the white tailed deer, the black and silvery masked faced of the raccoons, the bronze shimmer of the wild turkeys seen crossing the soccer fields at sunrise, and the intricate brush strokes on the head and wings of the scores of wood ducks in our 40 acres marsh.

Have you every experienced the fall at Countryside Camp? The amber glowing of the campfire, the brisk chill in the early morning air, the sun rising over the cornfield and meadow is waiting.

October and November are great months to experience God and His creation at Countryside Camp.

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