What makes Your Retreat Unique?

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What makes your retreat unique?

As a pastor serving youth, young adults, married couples, families and any number of demographics in your church I am sure you have thought through this question before planning a retreat. May I suggest a better question to ask before the planning starts: Why, makes Your Retreat Unique?

As a Director of a Christian Camp I get asked a similar question all the time “What do you do at Camp?” and when I respond I always get ‘the deer in the headlights’ look.

Here is what I say:

“We Create Experiences by integrating activities, relationships and environments where we can… “speak the truth of the gospel” into their lives, live out and nurture the traditions that are uniquely “Camp Shalom”, and instill an attitude of service to others.”

I tell them the Why; because it is the Why they should be buying into. This approach in your retreat planning will make all the difference in your promotion, attendance and buy-in from the congregation and the community you serve.

I will warn you now, be ready for this look:

How to plan a unique church retreat | Ontario Christian Camp

– Tim Partridge
Managing Director

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