The FaithLife Financial: An institution with strong connections to Countryside Camp!

 In Christian Camps in Ontario

For more than 15 years, I have personally been a member of FaithLife Financial, as have a number of individuals that have served on the camp board over the years. Why is membership important to me and the camp?

Let’s start at the beginning, FaithLife Financial began as Lutheran Life Insurance Society of Canada years ago; their mission statement today is: Protecting Financial Futures/ Living Christian Values/ Building a Better World.  They offer insurance and investment opportunities and once purchased you become a member of the FaithLife Financial Community and enjoy benefits that really focus on their mission.

In our region, Matt LeFranco is our local representative and has assisted me and my wife with products and services. The folks at the main office in Waterloo have been instrumental in sponsoring recent Stand in the Gap events events hosted by Countryside Camp and Conference Centre and events identified by our Camp FaithLife Financial Chapter membership.

FaithLife Financial offers unique member benefits that we take advantage as individuals but also as a director of a charity. Years ago, our board decided that we would form a Camp FaithLife Financial Chapter, it required that five members of the board, at that time, purchase a product from FLF, investment or life insurance. The Chapter was started and so did the benefits. Each year for probably over ten years the Camp Chapter designed a sponsorship grant from the FLF Chapter to a specific fundraising project or event at the camp. You may have seen the sponsorship on the Pledge Board at the Fun Fair, or the notice on the Stand in the Gap Concert event, or the Annual Christmas Cookie Fundraising event. The Camp’s FaithLife Financial Chapter has designated well over $10,000 in matching grant sponsorships to Countryside Camp programs and equipment needs.

This past weekend the Alumni BBQ was one of the more recent matching grant sponsored events with a match grant raised from the ticket sales and individual donations generously given. We were not asking for additional donations but “Camp Shalom” staff are generous people and worship through stewardship. Over $750 was raised for camp projects through the Alumni BBQ., thanks to those that purchased tickets and made unsolicited donations.

FaithLife Financial is again a media sponsor for this year’s 41st Annual Fun Fair on Saturday, September 15th from 10am to 3pm and representative will be in the board booth supporting our ministry and offering an opportunity to anyone to speak with them regarding membership.

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