A Funomenal Time

 In Ontario Christian Camps

I titled this article after a great conversation this past week with one of our rental group retreat coordinators. The group rented both Centre Hall and Winterized Cabin for their retreat and as you can tell by his comment they had a phenomenal time of worship, spiritual training and FUN with the youth from four different churches from the same denomination. Have you ever thought about joining forces with like minded churches, maybe of the same denomination and combining resources to achieve a funomenal spiritual experience for your youth or young adults? This happens all the time here at Countryside Camp and Conference Centre, especially with smaller congregations. It has been our pleasure to serve to serve many joint retreats with excellent customer service and in-house catering should they choose that option. My mom always said when I was growing up that “Two heads are better than One!” when trying to figure something out; God’s Word says that a three stranded rope will not break.

This season I challenge you to think outside the box as you struggle with numbers and the size of your particular group. Consider joining forces with another like-minded youth group and host your next retreat here at Countryside Camp and Conference Centre and you too will be able to say that the kids had a “Funomenal Time.”

For more information or to schedule a tour of our facilities; contact Kim at countrysidecamp@gmail.com. Currently we have lodges available on January 11-13 and January 25-27- check out our website for January prices and facility descriptions.

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