Daily Highlights (June 8, 2019)

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We’ve had a full day here at Camp Shalom! Each program had so many exciting things happen, adventure camp had a bunch of games, pool time, bible study, and more. The DISC program was excited to head out and go on their camping trip and enjoy some quality time together. Munchies enjoyed crafts, running games, worship and a carnival with the spec group. Spec were able to go canoeing, swimming, pottery making, planting flowers and the list goes on! More exciting activities are planned for the rest of the week and each program is excited to continue the journey set out for us. Don’t forget you can Email a Camper throughout the week, emails are printed each day before lunch. Like our Facebook page for daily posts and photos! Finally you can enter your email to the ‘Stay in Touch’ box to receive email updates and look into the Parents Corner!


1 hour ago
Brooke Nicholls - The Darkness Doesn't Scare Me

Only a two days left to reserve your FREE tickets to see Brooke Nicholls and celebrate Countryside Camp and Camp Shalom's 50th anniversary. RSVP at countrysidecamp.com. ... See more

The official video for Brooke's new song 'The Darkness Doesn't Scare Me'. Stream The Darkness Doesn't Scare Me here: http://brookenicholls.ca/thedarkness ---...

15 hours ago

Only 6 more hours to order Christmas Baking. Don't miss out! Order at www.countrysidecamp.com

1 day ago

Today is the last day to order your Christmas Baking to support the ministry of Countryside Camp and Camp Shalom. Order now at www.countrysidecamp.com

1 day ago

Who are you planning to share your Christmas Baking with?

2 days ago
Brooke Nicholls - My Story

Meet Brooke Nicholls. Brooke will be preforming a concert to celebrate 50 years of God's faithfulness to Countryside Camp and Camp Shalom. This Saturday Nov. 16th 7pm at Cedar Creek Church. ... See more

To learn more about Brooke, listen to music, and see photos, visit: http://www.brookenicholls.ca Contact: info@brookenicholls.ca Video by Michael Baxter Film...

2 days ago

Have you heard? It is a non-optional social convention to bring baking to a Christmas party. Don't worry, we have you covered. Order today at www.countrysidecamp.com

3 days ago

Have you thought about a Christmas gift for your child's teacher? How about something delicious that also supports the ministry here at camp? See more info at countrysidecamp.com

4 days ago

Our brownies are delicious and even have the added bonus of being vegan and gluten free. Only a few days left to order. www.countrysidecamp.com

4 days ago

Get a taste of Shalom. The honey we have for sale was made by the Henderson Family using bee hives located right here on Camp property. We only have a limited quantity so order today at ... See more

5 days ago

What are you going to do with your Christmas Baking?

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