You Can Continue to Make a Difference by Standing in the Gap!

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You can continue to make a difference by standing in the gap!

“How many intentions have we seen realized which have been pronounced impossible?”
Wilbur Wright.

Wilbur Wright was a man known for his resolve and I have admired that trait in him and many others. I feel it has been the resolve of our supporters that has made the impossible possible for over 869 children and youth to attend “Camp Shalom” since Stand in the Gap was initiated. They have played a major role in the successful spiritual, emotional and physical development of each of those children and youth.

Last year we learned from a forum of neighbourhood community leaders that an area just northeast, 10 minutes away from “Camp Shalom”, has the greatest number of under-resourced families in the entire Waterloo Region. Local educators noted that one of the biggest hindrances to education for many of those area students is a void of enriching experiences in their lives. This lack of positive factors to impact a young person is directly addressed by Stand in the Gap! 

Because of the generous giving to this program, “Camp Shalom” enriches the lives of children and youth throughout our region and beyond. 

Here’s how it works. The camp partners with 10-12 churches, agencies and service organizations with the capacity to identify and follow-up the children, youth and some individuals that may have “special needs” within their community. In 2020, 70 spaces have been allocated within our programs for Stand in the Gap participants. These organizations pay the first $200 to sponsor each qualified camper which assists in off-setting the actual session costs. The difference is raised through annual sponsored events and our new monthly Stand in the Gap Camper Sponsorship Program and through individual appeals.

For those of you that have already supported “Stand in the Gap” this year, thank you! And for those you that have been waiting for this opportunity, thank you! I want to share some of the impact stories with you, I know you will be blessed to know how God’s ministry here is still vital.

I close this letter with testimonies and support options for you to prayerfully consider;
-Completing the pledge card entering credit card information or mailing a cheque in the envelope provided,

-Donating online using the link to our website:

The Blessings!

  • A response from a Mom having escaped an abusive relation…

Both my kids attended summer camp at “Camp Shalom.” I am particularly grateful for the opportunity given to me and my kids at this though time in our lives. After being married for 11 years, I left the abusive relationship and we ended up at a Women’s Shelter. It was a very difficult situation for my kids. I noticed many bad changes in behaviour. My daughter started feeling suicidal and showing other issues. I was concerned about how my kids’ faith would be affected by our situation. I am also very grateful because my other child has special needs and “Camp Shalom” was amazing to include him in that program. When they came home, I really noticed a big change in my kids’ behaviour as well as in our relationship. They came back very happy, asking if they “could stay longer.” They loved the power and praise worship! Thank you VERY, VERY much and God bless…

  • A response from a critically ill Mom whose children have never experienced the love, support or acceptance of their father…

My son talked of nothing but “Camp Shalom” for a week after he got home! It is the highlight of his summer. In his own words, “I really like playing the whole-camp games and doing cabin activities. I liked the Bible studies and teach my little sister about God afterwards. The food is great. I’ve made new friends at camp and got along well with my counsellors. I’d like to go back next year!

  • Another grateful single Mom’s response…

My girls LOVED their time at “Camp Shalom!” Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My oldest went to overnight camp. At 10 years old, she needs a break from Mommy and the ability to spread her wings in a safe environment. She had an amazing time learning to focus every part of her day on God. She kept up with the schedule and enjoyed every single activity. She loved her “Aunts” and “Uncles”, & counsellors. Her favourite thing about “Camp Shalom” was Cabin Time, when her group went to various activities together. She enjoyed making new friends and learning more about working together.

My youngest daughter went to day camp. She and her leaders hit it off right away. She is a very active young lady & kept her leaders hopping, but they exuded God’s grace and patience with her. Her favourite time was the ‘field trip’ to Kat’s farm (Katrina Vellenga’s farm in Brantford).
Day camp was jam-packed with activities. They even missed a water slide day because of poor cooperation. This thrilled me as a mom, proving that “Camp Shalom” wasn’t about entertaining my kids but about teaching them how to be the best ‘little people’ God created them to be!

Thank you so much for helping my children experience something blessed, for backing me up as I strive to lead them in a Christ-like manner, and for providing this experience to so many children in the name of Jesus. May God richly bless you in your generosity.

If you would like to join with Countryside Camp as a Stand in the Gap partner or a sponsoring church contact me at


Tim Partridge
Managing Director

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